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Beverage Consulting

Our role is to offer you expert advice, strategic planning, and hands-on support to optimize all aspects of your beverage program. With our industry knowledge and creative approach, we help you enhance your offerings, increase profitability, and create exceptional customer experiences.

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Bar Staff Training and Education

Bar Service Essentials

Elevate your bar staff's expertise with guides and resources that cover essential bar service techniques, emphasizing speed, efficiency, professionalism, and maintaining a clean and organized bar area.

Menu Knowledge

Deepen your staff's understanding of your bar menu through comprehensive training, equipping them with detailed knowledge of ingredients, flavor profiles, and preparation techniques.

Bar Skills Assessment

Assess your staff's existing bar skills and design personalized training plans to cultivate their proficiency, targeting areas for improvement through group practice sessions and individual coaching.

Menu Overhaul

Recipe Development

We specialize in crafting innovative and unique drink recipes that perfectly align with our client's brand identity and cater to their specific target market.

Our creative approach ensures that the beverages we create are not only visually appealing but also deliver exceptional taste experiences, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Menu Design and Structure

Allow us to expertly curate your menu, optimizing its layout, crafting concise and enticing item descriptions, and strategically positioning high-value offerings.

Bar Layout and Design Assistance

Ergonomics & Workflow

We carefully plan the placement of equipment, supplies, and stations to facilitate seamless operations and improve staff efficiency.

Bar Equipment Selection

We provide guidance in selecting the right bar equipment, such as beverage dispensers, refrigeration units, glassware, and bar tools.

We ensure the chosen equipment meets industry standards and optimizes overall workflow.

Facilitate Professional Collaboration

We connect you with our network of trusted architects and interior designers who have experience in designing bar spaces.

These experts will take into consideration factors such as structural integrity, building codes, and design aesthetics to create a cohesive and functional bar environment that aligns with your goals.